Holiday Jump-Start

Give a gift to your future-self and get your holiday planning done early. Planning ahead can save stress and allow you to be present, appreciate the time with friends and family, and enjoy the season. 

Have happier holidays with the Happier™ app

We’re bringing our popular Habit Jump-Starts to the Happier app, starting with tips and strategies to help you prepare for and enjoy the holidays.

Each day on the app’s home screen, you’ll find a new, easy, actionable prompt to plan ahead, check items off your to-do list, and find ways to be present. This new tool is free to use, with or without a subscription.

  • Nov 13–19: Seven Days of Planning
  • Nov 20–26: Seven Days of Doing
  • Nov 27–Dec 3: Seven Days of Appreciating
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The Happier app

Start with Self-Knowledge

  • When it comes to seasonal routines and holiday traditions, do you want to try anything new this year? Anything you could skip or do differently?
  • What’s your one-word theme for the season? If you chose a one-word theme for the whole year, how does it apply to the holiday season?
  • How do your aims or habits shift during the season? If your aims change or you need to allow yourself some planned exceptions, remember to keep them specific and concrete.
The Happier app Know Yourself Better

Holiday Bingo—Download the free PDF worksheet

Looking for some winter whimsy? Download and print the free bingo card to try fun activities and see if you can fill a row or column.

Gretchen Rubin Holiday Bingo

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