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While the word often applies to the workplace, we can apply "productivity" to any aim. Being productive might mean writing a certain number of words each day, practicing an instrument regularly, or completing tasks needed for an ambitious DIY project.

This month in the Happier™ app, you'll find self-knowledge questions, tips, and Spin the Wheel challenges designed to help you be more productive, whatever that means for you. Try it for free—the best time to start is now.

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Build your productivity toolkit with the Happier app

The Happier app recommends habit-change tools tailored to your Tendency, but you can add any tool to your toolkit that works for you and your aims.

  • Use the Photo Log tool to make a visual record of your progress.
  • Check off every day you make progress with the Don't Break the Chain tool. 
  • Log hours of practice or word count with the Track Your Total tool.
  • Create a written record of a project with the One-Sentence Journal tool.
  • Identify an accountability partner or group and check in with them every day using the Accountability Partners tool.
Download the Happier app

Beautiful tools to boost your productivity

Different productivity tools work for different people. These tools can help you make progress in the way that works for you.

Don't Break the Chain Journal

Don't Break the Chain Habit Tracker

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The Tackle Box

The Tackle Box

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