3 Ways to Document Your Year

One popular happiness-boosting resolution? To document everyday moments throughout the year, to have something to look back on in the future. But many of us struggle to stick to the habit of writing long daily journal entries, or never get around to sorting through photos to make a scrapbook. Whether you prefer to keep a written record or save mementos, these new tools and tips from The Happiness Project make it easier to start—and continue—to collect those memories.

The One-Sentence Journal

The One-Sentence Journal is designed for those who yearn to keep a record of their lives, but who can’t manage to write a long entry every day. Writing one sentence a day sounds easy (and it is), and at the end of a year, adds up to a marvelous record. Use The One-Sentence Journal to capture highlights from the day, tasks accomplished toward a big goal, or moments of gratitude. One community member shared that at bedtime, she and her kids decide together what to record in their one-sentence journal.


One-Sentence Journal


The Memento Keepsake Journal

The Memento Keepsake Journal is made for those who want to collect keepsakes of their memories to look back on, but are overwhelmed by souvenirs or the prospect of making a scrapbook. Recalling happy times can boost happiness in the present, and mementos are a powerful way to keep those memories vivid. The specially designed pockets make it easy to store photos, drawings, report cards, and other artifacts.


Memento Keepsake Journal


Start a Photo Log

Photo log 
Set a reminder to take a photo every day to capture any moment you wish to remember, or choose a theme for your photos—outfits of the day, scenes from daily walks or meals, or good-morning selfies. Even if you use a private social media account just for your Happiness Project, or keep the photos in a folder on your camera roll, you’ll be able to look back over your year and if you like, make a photo book out of your favorite snapshots.

The days are long, but the years are short—and the best time to start recording your memories is now.

3 Ways to Document Your Year