Getting Started

Give a gift to your future-self and get your holiday planning done early. Planning ahead can save stress and allow you to be present, appreciate the time with friends and family, and enjoy the season. 
While the word often applies to the workplace, we can apply "productivity" to any aim. Being productive might mean writing a certain number of words each day, practicing an instrument regularly, or completing tasks needed for an ambitious DIY project.

To be happy, we need to feel growth—and creativity is an essential part of that process. It helps us learn new things, have fun, and connect with our senses and the world around us.

Research shows that reading can sharpen our minds, boost our moods, and help us understand ourselves and others. And most important, it’s fun! Doing things you enjoy is important to having a happy life, yet it’s all too easy for fun to get pushed aside by other activities. If you want to read more but struggle to make time for it, consider these tools and strategies to help jump-start your reading routine.
Meaningful connections are a key to a happy life. We may feel like friendships should come naturally, but they can require real effort. Whether your aim is to make new friends or strengthen existing friendships, these tips and tools can help you find new ways to connect.
For most people, outer order contributes to inner calm. Clearing clutter can make your home or workspace feel more serene, helps you save time spent searching for stuff, and creates more space for important items and activities.
Struggling to focus on tasks during the day or overwhelmed by racing thoughts before bed? Here, you’ll find a variety of tools designed to help you identify sources of inner clutter, gain more mental clarity and focus, and find strategies to cultivate inner calm.
Taking time to rest can refresh the mind, boost productivity and focus, and replenish mental energy. Here, you’ll find a variety of tools designed to jump-start your habit of rest—whatever rest means for you.