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Research shows that reading can sharpen our minds, boost our moods, and help us understand ourselves and others. And most important, it’s fun! Doing things you enjoy is important to having a happy life, yet it’s all too easy for fun to get pushed aside by other activities. If you want to read more but struggle to make time for it, consider these tools and strategies to help jump-start your reading routine.

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Reading List—Download the free PDF worksheet

What’s on your reading list? Check off your list with this free printable PDF, and track your progress with ratings and notes for the books you’ve read. 

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  • Take a photo of the book you’re reading each week with the Photo Log
  • Use Don’t Break the Chain and set a reminder to read each evening
  • Start a book club with Accountability Partners
  • Write brief reviews or record favorite lines with the One-Sentence Journal
  • Add up how many pages you’ve read with Track Your Total
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Looking for something to read?

In Gretchen Rubin’s #1 bestseller The Happiness Project, she devotes a chapter to “Pursue a Passion”—which for her, meant doing more reading.

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