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Taking time to rest can refresh your mind, boost your productivity and focus, and replenish your mental energy. Rest also sparks creativity by helping you to make unexpected connections and stay open to different possibilities. Rest can include actual sleep—which is absolutely essential to health, mood, and immune function—and you can also make breaks and restful activities part of your daily routine.

Here, you’ll find a variety of tools designed to jump-start your habit of rest—whatever rest means for you. Whether you’re just getting started, starting again, or need a boost to keep going, these resources will help you understand yourself better and create a habit you’ll stick to.

Join the free 7-Day SMS challenge

Get seven days of prompts to remind you to rest and to reflect on ways to build rest into your daily routine.

Text REST to +1 (844) 934-1913.

Rest SMS Challenge

Track your energy—Download the free PDF worksheet

Use this worksheet to track your energy levels throughout the day for one week. Note your patterns and look for opportunities to match your activities with your energy and to identify times when you might want to schedule rest.

Cultivate your rest routine with the Happier™ app

  • Use The Photo Log to take a photo of your book or your pet when you take a break
  • Check off every day you spend an hour screen-free with Don’t Break the Chain
  • Record the number of hours you slept with Numbers Tracker
  • Spend time in nature once a week and share with Accountability Partners
  • Take a daily moment for reflection with the One-Sentence Journal
Download the Happier app

Invest in beautiful tools to support your aims

Beautiful tools or gear can make your habit more convenient or more enjoyable to keep, and for some people, investing in an activity makes them more likely to stick with it.

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