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Let us help you build your exercise habits and overcome #gymtimidation.

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What Is #gymtimidation? - The Stats

Gymtimidation is the anxiety caused by working out in front of others. People want to build habits around exercise, so Stitch Fix and the Happier™ app are working together to make it easier.


of women admitted to feeling anxious or self-conscious renewing workout routines after a break or major life event.


of women who work out agree they are more likely to stick to their fitness goals when wearing clothes that make them look confident.

About the Happier™ app


Explore fun and easy-to-use features designed to help you track your habits and make progress every day.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution—get tools recommended for you based on happiness expert Gretchen Rubin’s research- and observation-based principles.


These tools aren’t limited to a single behavior like meditation or counting calories—they can be used for any habit you want to work on.


Discover new insights and prompts every day to continue learning about yourself and making progress toward your aims.

How it works

Decide what habits you want to work on

To change a habit, we must do it in the way that’s right for us. Often, people fail to master a habit because they’re using an approach that, sure, works well for a co-worker or sweetheart—but not for them.

Whether you have big goals like writing a novel or training for a marathon, or want to improve foundational habits like eating and sleeping better, the key is to identify the specific changes that will make you happier.

Choose an Aim

Find the tools that work for you

The Happier™ app uses Gretchen Rubin’s “Four Tendencies” personality framework to suggest habit-tracking tools for each individual’s Tendency. By identifying whether you are an Obliger, Questioner, Upholder, or Rebel based on how you respond to inner and outer expectations, the app is able to make tailored recommendations from its menu of tools. You can also use multiple tools to support the same aim, or change it up if it’s not working.

Spin The Wheel

Learn more and make progress

Explore helpful tips and hacks, thought-provoking quotations, and insightful self-knowledge questions to reinforce your daily habits and discover new strategies.

Explore More

Spin the wheel for a quick boost

Want to feel happier in five minutes or less? Get daily prompts to boost your mood, clear clutter, flex your creative muscles, give you a sense of accomplishment, and have some fun.

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